Teris Run -Dreamcube
XR Embodied Game
Explore the possibilities of family entertainment

XR | Motion Capture | Game Design
2022 | Group Project


Dreamcube offers a three-level XR gaming adventure supporting multiplayer interactions. The game controller is a soft shoe cover crafted from reflective fabric, designed to be worn on one of the player's feet.


Virtual Extension for Physical Space: DreamCube as a Somatosensory Technology Innovation,Conference Chinese DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association)2022

Technical  Details

Unity Engine connects to Optitrack Camera System to form the entire XR interactive space. One of the player's feet is wearing a shoe cover made of reflective fabric, which is recognized by the camera system to form an interactive mechanism. Multiplayers can play together, each wearing a shoe cover made of reflective fabric.


Whole Game  Experience