Immersive Paragliding Experience

Arduino | VR | Unreal
2020 | Individual  Project


iWind is a multisensory paragliding experience. As a paraglider, I frequently soar alongside elderly groups from Japan. Despite its perception as an extreme sport, paragliding possesses technical features ideal for leisure among the seniors. Using XR, my aim is to make this captivating sport accessible to those who perceive it as too risky, allowing them to appreciate its beauty.


Best Virtual Reality Creative Award and Best User Experience Award in 2021 Star Shark Global Virtual Reality Competition Excellence Award of Shanghai International New Media Art Competition

Technical Details



  Version 1-Physical controller:   
                                     Version 2 : VR

Version 2- VR Head Set- HTC VIVE

Players can use the rotation of their head to drive the Arduino and sensor(version 1) OR VR headset(version2)to control their flying in a simulated real world, like wind passing over forests and lakes.

As a paraglider, I am deeply obsessed with the feeling of flying in the wind with the power of the wind. But for many people, the real-world flying experience is too dangerous.Therefore, I constructed a virtual world that is very close to the physical world in the Unreal engine. I hope that users can feel the immersive flight experience by connecting the Arduino helmet,release the pressure of life, and dance with the wind.