XR-Extended Reality

These are my explorations of how XR connects to the physical world through sensor technology.

City Scent

Live Performance/Live Mocap
NYC Media Lab * CHANEL

w/ Wei Woo,Yuke Ding,Olivia Yin

Fluid Thresholds

Sculpting Responsive XR Environments Through Biometric Interaction

AR/EEG Sensor

w/ Wei Woo,Yuke Din

Being an Oyster in NYC

Multisensory VR
WIP  | Collaborate w/ Wei Woo

Teris Run-Dreamcube

XR Game
2022 | Group


Immersive  Paragliding Experience
Alt Control Games / VR
2020 | Individual

iWind is a multisensory paragliding experience. 


The Bird 

XR Theatre                   VR Performance
2021 | Group                2021 | Individual

AR 100 Days

AR Daily Practise for fun
2023 | w/ Wei Woo


VJ Performances