City Scent

Live Performance | Live Motion Capture


A live performance using motion capture and eeg brain wave detector

How long can a faint fragrance last? How long does it take for an aromatic molecule to disappear? When an aromatic molecule is released into the air, it absorbs moisture like crazy and eventually hides itself in the air forever..


NYC Media  Lab *  CHANEL  Synesthesia Challenge, Journey  Award
Feb 2024  Navy  Yard

Technical  Details

Unreal,  Optitrack  Mocap System,EEGsensor
The audience participates by contributing a sentence inspired by the perfume's fragrance, which in turn shapes the dancer's performance scene in real-time. An observer experiences the fragrance transformations firsthand. The EEG sensor, donned by this observer, detects shifts in their brain activity caused by the varying perfume scents, influencing the color of the dancer's ribbon.